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ABTA is a nationally registered training organisation that has delivered the highest standard of education in beauty therapy for upwards of 25 years.


ABTA is the Australian Capital Territory’s first and only beauty institute that offers international qualifications (CIDESCO, Zurich and ITEC, London).


ABTA courses are led by nationally and internationally recognised lecturers. We guarantee the highest level of experience and industry expertise to ensure you’re receiving a learning experience unrivalled in quality and support.


Our Student clinic simulates a beauty salon and provides a real-life learning environment for students to practice as professionals. Our hands-on approach of realistic practises gives students realistic expectations and ensures they feel well equipped to work in the beauty industry.


ABTA has a wealth of industry associations and connections worldwide and a vast pool of resources. With international qualifications and strong connections, we offer a world of opportunities to assist with your development as a premium quality therapist.


The ABTA student service offers a job finding service program to assist with any concerns you may have regarding employment and securing work placement.

Our class sizes are small and intimate to ensure every student receives the attention and support they deserve. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of learning and student-teacher interaction.

Our staff and lecturers are friendly, supportive and accommodating. Our teaching materials and learning style ensures you’re properly trained and well positioned to succeed as an industry professional.

ABTA is conveniently located in close proximity to a major shopping centre and public transport. In addition, parkings are available at the rear of the Academy.

ABTA has a Mutual Recognition of Prior Learning Policy, if your qualifications were issued by other accredited registered training organisation/s and can be verified and examined.



Why ABTA ?


















Founded in 1946, CIDESCO’s head office is located in Zurich, Switzerland, and is currently represented in over 37 countries globally. The CIDESCO qualification is recognised as the world’s most prestigious qualification in the field of Aesthetics and Beauty Therapy, and offers the highest level of training.

There are over 160 CIDESCO Schools around the world teaching to the internationally acclaimed CIDESCO standards, leading to the CIDESCO Diploma, and  only one in Canberra.

The prestigious CIDESCO Diploma is awarded to candidates who have passed the CIDESCO examinations and given proof of having gained at least 600 hours work experience in a beauty centre/salon.



ABTA is proud to be the first Australian Capital Territory institute to be affiliated with the International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC).

As the largest multi-disciplinary international examination board, ITEC offers 28 professional diplomas that are globally recognised and respected in upwards of 30 countries world-wide. ITEC’s diplomas are widely considered as the highest professional standing that an aesthetician rrently hold, and are internationally recognised across multiple countries.

After extensive training at ABTA, an international ITEC examiner travels to the Academy to assess candidates’ theoretical knowledge and practical skills. ITEC provides world-class training and recognition to best position you to fulfil your dreams of reaching the top of your field. 




Australasian Beauty Training Academy (ABTA) is a Registered Training Organisation in Australia (RTO number 88178). As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), ABTA meets the requirements set by the National Vocational Education and Training System (VET). This system is underpinned by the National Skills Framework, which consists of three parts:

  • The Australians Quality Training Framework (AQTF) – This framework guarantees quality assurance for training and assessments that are delivered by a training organisation.


  • The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) – This comprehensive framework that ensures that qualifications are nationally recognised in any training institution within the country.


  • Training Packages – These are nationally endorsed standards and qualifications that are used to recognise students’ skills and assess them for their specific industry, for which they have trained.




ACPET is the Australian council for Private Education and Training, which is the national industry association for independent providers of post-compulsory education and training for Australian and international students.


Worldwide Stage For You

Career Options

ABTA Graduates Are Able To Work Worldwide

  1. As Independent professional therapists

  2. Cosmetic House Representative

  3. As Salon/clinic owners or as visiting therapists

  4. A Lecturer at a Skin & Body Therapy College

  5. In clinics and salons

  6. Complementary Health Therapist

  7. At sports centres and leisure centres

  8. A Therapist working closely with a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist

  9. At holiday resorts and spas

  10. Nail Technician – Nail bars

  11. Beauty Farms and European Destination Spas

  12. Image Consultant

  13. On cruise liners and even on some airlines

  14. Fashion Model Stylist

Job Centre

Are you a salon owner or manager looking for staff? Please get in touch with our friendly team today!

Our Student Service team helps to match students with suitable jobs they’re guaranteed to love. If you’d like your business to be advertised on our Student Notice Board, simply email through a copy of your flyer.

We encourage all interested employers to make early arrangements with ABTA if you’re interested in employing our professional students. At ABTA, we pride ourselves on offering premium training offered by world-renowned teachers, and are seeking employers with a similar attitude and standard of work to help our student flourish. 



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